Fidelity P.O.W.E.R.

Testimonial: Marlene Smith


Marlene Smith – Owner
Matthews Construction Company, Inc.

Our experiences with EVB have all been so positive and satisfying. Our company, Matthews Construction Company, Inc., had been with a big bank for over seven years. We received very little support as a small business. The customer service made us feel like we were a bother.

We were recently watching TV one night and saw a commercial for EVB and noticed one of our colleagues was listed as a new member. The next day I contacted EVB and made an appointment to meet with a loan officer to discuss our finances. The loan officer was Beth Bettley, and she changed the way we felt about our small business banking at the very first meeting. That was the beginning of our relationship with EVB and the experience has been wonderful. We talked for a long time and Beth listened. It had been quite some time since we had a meeting with a bank professional that made us feel proud of our business. It was a meeting like years ago when banking was simple and customers were given the time they needed. We were able to get our business finances in good shape and then we moved all of our personal banking to EVB.

We have had many more meetings with Beth and she was able to suggest and help us with our business needs.

The whole EVB experience has been so renewing. The staff always has a smile and the customer service is excellent.

We are really glad we happened to catch that commercial!