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2361 Annunciation Street, New Orleans, LA, USA
2361 Annunciation Street New Orleans Louisiana 70130 US

Shop Love Hayes is owned and operated by Maria Vibandor Hayes. She owns Love Hayes, LLC and coaches other inspiring mommas to live a life they have always wanted for themselves and their family!

Growing up it was no accident that she was nicknamed Love by her dad. All her life, being Love, she accepted a huge responsibility that she had to live out her life’s purpose – to be a positive, energetic, and loving role model for other humans out there.

She is a t-shirt obsessed momma with a passion for design and comfort. Detailed to a fault, she wanted to make sure her designs and materials were of top quality and that people would feel confident in the love she put into the development of each piece and collection.

She hopes that these t-shirt creations help inspire others to live more, love more, and bring happiness to the world – on purpose.

**We give back 10% of our profits to causes that align with our mission and support women entrepreneurs, educational equity, LGBTQ initiatives, and organizations that fight for racial justice.**

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