Fidelity P.O.W.E.R.

Fidelity P.O.W.E.R.

Protect Our Community LLC

2783 Privateer Boulevard, Barataria, LA, USA
2783 Privateer Boulevard Barataria Louisiana 70036 US

~The POC Plan is about preparing for, preventing, responding, recovering from, and mitigating natural and man made hazards and disasters within our communities in our Parish with emphasis on our waterways. It is protection for the communities, by the communities. Millions of gallons of toxins are transported by barges that pass down the intracoastal waterway daily. With no protection in place in the event of a spill, thousands of acres of wetland, wildlife and the way of life in the communities will be destroyed. We learned this all too well with past disasters.
~Future financial projections for the company will grow each year as the plan is executed throughout the communities in the Parish, State and then the country. Economically we will grow with Jefferson Parish with all monthly training and certifications performed within Jefferson Parish by Parish businesses and citizens, bringing visitors to our Parish and community regularly.
~POC LLC has partnered with Theophile Bourgeois owner of Bourgeois Boys LLC and Inventor of the Mobile Boom Extraction Device & S.P Systems, patented devices & patent pending vessels, created during the Deep Horizon Oil Spill 2010 with USCG observing the inventions. POC LLC has exclusive rights for use of and distributorship of his inventions .~We should not and cannot be at the mercy of a skeleton crew oil field service organization to protect our communities. We need protection for the community by the community.~The P.O.C. (Protect Our Community) Plan team will work with and train our local Fire Departments, Police Departments, all municipalities, & citizens from our communities to be able to safely, efficiently & correctly contain any contaminate that could effect our communities and our culture and way of life. The team currently consist of experienced veterans in the industry with ample training from national and state organizations: Leo Guidriz – Product Consultant – Oil Stop GM; Skipper Smith – Educator/Trainer – MSRC Project Supervisor; Capt. Theophile Bourgeois – Inventor, Contingency Plan Writer, Educator – Bourgeois Boys LLC Owner; Chris Springer – Operations Consultant – Retired USCG; & myself Ginger Jenné – Founder, trainer, business relations.
~Each community will be accessed and the plan will strategically be mapped out; containers located in various places will contain boom, oil pads & vessel(s) with all necessary equipment to implement the plan. Training and certification classes will start at monthly intervals.
~The uniqueness of this plan with the vessels and devices it uses is something no other has. There is no competition for what we have to offer therefore this plan along with the unique patented devices and patent pending vessels is something we believe, all communities should have in place, for the community.
~With the education and exercises the POC Plan can be executed by three people, and the containments can be contained within twenty (20) minutes from time of deployment. ~This is why the POC plan must be in place. It is a necessity not an accessory, and Jefferson Parish has the opportunity to be the pinnacle of this industry in the country with the first execution of the POC Plan.

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