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New Orleans, LA, USA

Do you remember your first bike? The freedom, the joy, the possibilities!

We are building a stronger, safer community by spreading joy with the gift of a bike.
BYOBikes is a 501c3 non-profit with the goal of providing less fortunate children in the NOLA community with their first bike. The bikes are custom built and distributed right before summer and December for the holidays. Every $250 collected buys a bike, helmet, lock, lights and a safety class for a NOLA child.

In addition to community give aways, we also offer Corporate Bike Build & Giveaway programs. New Orleans’ bicycle culture has been continuously evolving alongside the growth of the bikeway paths throughout the city. New Orleans is now a top-10 city in the U.S. for bike commuting. In our Corporate Bicycle Build & Giveaway program, we give the youth of New Orleans the chance to experience life the way it should be.

Corporations who host one of our bicycle build events can help support our community while creating a unique team bonding experience. There is nothing like seeing a child’s face when you are gifting his or her a bike that you both built with your own hands. Our municipal and corporate partners include New Orleans Councilmember Kristin G, Palmer District C, New Orleans Police Department, Orleans Parish Communication District, Shell, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Son of a Saint and the list is growing daily.

Be the first to get involved and “be in that number” by hosting a Bicycle Build & Giveaway with your team!!!

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