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Battlefield Activewear

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Battlefield Activewear was created to make an impact in the lives of breast cancer survivors, specifically those who didn’t have reconstruction. Treatment may be full of challenges, but when it comes to your clothing, never settle!

We understand what you choose to wear has a way to completely transform your attitude. Our clothing helps you channel your inner confidence and badass attitude. Work wear, active wear and date night wear, all combine to make an incredible wardrobe and we’ve got you covered. We help women stand a little taller, be a little more bold and have the confidence to kick in doors, all while wearing the most incredible pieces. When you feel confident, that radiates and you own that room.

Battlefield Activewear is a powerful brand with an even more powerful message, we know that from where you are, to where you want to be, it’s 100%Mental. We provide the clothes to make you feel like a goddess, you provide the attitude that says, “I won’t settle”.