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Strategies to Successfully Pivot Your Business


Strategies to Successfully Pivot Your Business

In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug podcast, host Mary Foley, speaks with four powerful women in New Orleans who are pivoting their business and making it work.

Dr. Tammy Lewis Wilbornis the owner of Wilborn Clinical Services LLC, a multi-service practice that provides counseling workshops, consultation, and wellness coaching.

Norma Jean McClain is the CEO of TekChix, a specialized IT staffing and consulting firm.

Mindy Nuñez Airhart is the CEO and President of Southern Services and Equipment Company, specializing in metal fabrication, structural steel erection, and precision CNC Machining.

Natalie Barranco is co-founder and partner of Prime Business Advisory Solutions, a firm providing business consulting services specializing in finance, accounting, risk management, internal control processes, marketing, and operations.

Listen and Learn:

  • Before and after examples of how to pivot a business during a crisis
  • How to adjust a business model to meet a client’s needs
  • Leaning on technology to provide a sense of connection to customers
  • Working from home with children
  • The importance of focusing on strong client relationships
  • Embracing a change in perspective
  • Finding a balance between helping and cash flow
  • Things to avoid when it comes to things you can’t control
  • How to use this time to be proactive in business

Watch the meeting recording here!

Visit the panelists websites:

Wilborn Clinical Services


Southern Services & Equipment Company

Prime Business Advisory Solutions

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Mary Foley
Mary Foley — Growing a business in uncertainty is hard. Doing it alone is harder. That’s why in addition to hosting the Fidelity P.O.W.E.R. Plug podcast, Mary is a business coach and founder of the REV UP Society for women entrepreneurs. She offers a powerful combination of coaching, accountability, and celebration in a supportive community so you can build a thriving business no matter what. For more, go to
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