Phala Mire discusses Resources to Help Your Business Pivot and Thrive During the Pandemic and Beyond

Phala Mire discusses Resources to Help Your Business Pivot and Thrive During the Pandemic and Beyond

Who would have imagined the pandemic would continue to be affecting the way we do business? It has changed the face of business forever. Figuring out ways to adapt to new business models and new networking opportunities is essential for businesses that want to enjoy continued success. Women-owned businesses play a major in the economic health of our country. What resources will you take advantage of to make your business thrive?
In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug podcast, Host Mary Foley, speaks with a dedicated woman who is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses thrive. President and CEO of Women’s Business Enterprise Council South, Phala Mire is on a mission to creating networking opportunities, certification programs, virtual connections for buyers and suppliers, and collective spaces for the risk-taking women who churn billions of dollars into the economy.

WBEC South has already impacted more than 800 women-owned companies and corporate Partners through their National Council certification program. Phala herself was named in the top 100 of the most influential in Supplier Diversity by Minority Business News USA magazine.

Listen and Learn:
  • The impact women-owned businesses have on the economy
  • Programs and initiatives that connect female buyers and suppliers
  • How the WBEC links women-owned businesses together virtually
  • The certifications that help you gain new clients
  • Resources for joining a business collective in 2021
  • Tips on how to pivot and thrive during the pandemic
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