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NOLA Networking Leaders Share Virtual Networking Advice


NOLA Networking Leaders Share Virtual Networking Advice

In this episode, host Mary Foley talks with four leaders of area networking groups about how they are helping their members stay connected and growing using virtual networking:

Amanda Polkey is President of the ABWA Crescent City Connections Chapter, as well as a Recruiting Consultant, Payroll Funding and Back Office Expert with People 2.0.

Becky Gustafson is President of NAWBO New Orleans. She is also a Financial Advisor at Gustafson Wealth Management, a Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company.

Phala Mire is the President and CEO of Women’s Business Enterprise Council South.

Sandra Lindquist is COO of The New Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

Listen and Learn:>

  • Why it’s important to stay connected virtually, especially during a crisis
  • Creative ways to replace in-person meeting and events using online tools
  • Recommendations on how to use social media during the quarantine
  • How virtual networking impacts introverts, extraverted, and ambiverts differently
  • Hidden opportunities with virtual networking because of the Coronavirus crisis
  • The biggest mistake a woman in business could make right now with virtual networking

  • Amanda Polkey
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    Becky Gustafson
    NAWBO New Orleans Website
    Phala Mire
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    Sandra Lindquist
    New Orleans Chamber Website
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