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Episode Lagniappe: Making New Orleans Sparkle with NOLA’s Craft Culture

Episode Lagniappe:  Making New Orleans Sparkle with NOLA’s Craft Culture

New Orleans is known the world over for its sparkle, glitter, and glam, especially during Mardi Gras. But in truth, all year long its unique culture celebrates by dressing up and showing off. The best way to show off is to wear something sparkly but where can one find biodegradable, earth-loving crafts and accessories? What if you want to share handmade, meaningful gifts but don’t have the tools to get started? Well if you love glitter, costumes, and tapping into your creative self with crafts you will love today's guests.

In this lagniappe (a French Creole word meaning bonus) episode, Host, Mary Foley speaks with the Founders of NOLA Craft Culture, Lisette Constantin, Nori Pritchard, and Virginia Saussy about their craft supply store, school and event space for the New Orleans cultural art community, visitors, and for anyone who wants to have fun, especially if you like glitter. The three women business owners felt this type of community store needed to exist in New Orleans and created it from scratch.

Listen and Learn:

  • How crafting can take your mind off of stressful projects
  • How to recognize a need and then turn it into a business
  • How glitter can change your life
  • How sharing of creative ideas enriches communities
  • How to tap into your creative self
  • Why handmade crafts are important in the digital age

  • NOLA Craft Culture Website

    127 S. Solomon Street, New Orleans
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