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Episode 63: Leveraging the Power of Community to Initiate Positive Change


Episode 63: Leveraging the Power of Community to Initiate Positive Change

Have you had unexpected challenges in your career or personal life that caused you to consider doing something bigger than yourself to positively impact others? That’s what happened to today’s guest. Her years working with the Louisiana legislature regarding policy inspired her to create a new kind of organization to empower women leaders throughout the state to create a better future for Louisiana. Then, a surprising cancer diagnosis inspired her to solve missing links in the cancer recovery process. Can’t wait for you to meet her!

In this episode of the P.O.W.E.R. Plug Podcast Host, Mary Foley speaks with Julie Stokes, a CPA, a non-partisan policy advocate with seven years of service in the Louisiana Legislature, plus the founder of several non-profit organizations including Ellevate Louisiana and Survivor’s Cancer Action Network or SCAN.

Listen and Learn:
  • The purpose of Ellevate Louisiana
  • How cross-partisanship creates a better community for everyone in Louisiana
  • Best practices for getting care for children and seniors for working parents
  • How to get involved in making impactful changes with Ellevate Louisiana
  • Why Julie spearheaded Survivor’s Cancer Action Network or SCAN
  • How SCAN makes cancer survivor’s lives better
  • The process of connecting available resources to the people who need them
  • The social network for those who want to repurpose their cancer
  • The potential of changing the paradigm of cancer
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