Pole Perfect Fitness and Pilates Perfect

333 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, USA
Canal Street New Orleans Louisiana 70130 US

Are you tired of the same old fitness routine?
Are you looking for a fun and fresh way to health and fitness in your mind, body, and
Do you know anyone getting married, having a birthday, or want a fun activity to bond
with friends?
Then I have the answer for you…Pole Perfect Fitness!

Pole Perfect Fitness is a fun way to get your health, strength, confidence and sexy back while having a great time learning a new skill. I started pole perfect fitness because I was over 200 pounds in 2003. I needed to have a fun way to get in shape that kept me
engaged and also helping my friends do the same. Being a single mom with a type 1 diabetic child was a challenge and I needed a way to help others, take care of myself,and be available for my children. After my friends saw the change in me and my new upbeat attitude they were interested in doing what I was doing.

At Pole Perfect we provide Pole fitness group classes, Bachelorette, and birthday celebrations. Whether you are “girls night out”, “divorce party” Pole Parties are perfect for whatever reason you want. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends
celebrating life moments and creating lasting memories.

In addition we offer Private Pilates session and company wellness program. We also provide concierge pilates services along with Hula Hoop team building workshops and convention events. Healthy employees come to work.
What is unique about Pole Perfect is…we are FUN fitness!

Exercise is a natural medicine. No need for doctors and pills when you are taking care of yourself.

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Kimberly Lobert

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